Inside the doorway, fleeting memories burn and fragile silence speaks at every turn. The quietness screams all the misery that my soul feels. It reminds me that you are no longer here.

“Remember me as i remember you and the muted laughter that our eyes once knew.”

Your words echo in my head leaving me breathless and dizzy. Taunting me with what I’ve already forgotten. I hesitate before slowing entering the room. This room where there was an ‘us’. This room that once held our love and passion. This cold, desolate room where my heart weeps freely. I sleep alone clutching your pillow although your scent has long faded away. Many nights I awaken screaming your name as if you will suddenly appear beside me. I sit in sorrow trembling, as slow torturous burning claws at my heart. I sit praying for God to alter this reality. I pray for him to give you back to me. Days slowly pass as this festering wound rapidly engulfs me.

I’m falling, slipping into the darkness that calls sweetly; drowning in nothingness as solitude becomes me. All that was me was you and that now there is no you, what’s left of me? I have become a mere impression of past exuberance and gleefulness. This once living soul has reduced to pure and utter Agony. 
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